Car Show Season is Almost Here

My husband has a classic Camaro and he is so proud of it. It is a really cool car and it is my absolute favorite color of blue that I have ever seen. There is a cool matching blue line that glows when it is dark out, it emits a great glow on the inside of the car. We wanted to make sure that we could go to the classic car show but wanted to get the Show Plates Man to give us a few ideas on the new custom plate that we wanted to put on the car. There are a lot of cool cars out there and one thing that separates one from the other is the custom plates that they could have made for each car. I wanted to see what the professional plate guy was going to say. I know that he has done a lot of the nice plates that I have seen at the car show we go to every week.

The car show is a great thing because so many of us go over there to gather and just talk about life. We always go and share a meal and have a great time and then we end up talking until it gets dark out and then we all go home. I like the way that we do the car hang outs, we always organize them at a different place every week because we like to change the places where we eat. I do not like to always go to the same place if I am going to eat out as I like different places to go and different things to eat. I love the place where the burgers are so amazing with the best onion rings that I have ever had in my life.

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