I Was Looking Forward to My Friends Coming to See Me

When I heard my pals, who I used to spend a lot of time with in the military, were planning a mini-reunion for our group, I was really looking forward to it. They all decided we should meet in my city since I have three kids and can’t fly out of town very easily as a single father. I had heard the best party bus company in Toronto is just around the corner from my office, so I decided to take a walk over there on my lunch break to see if they had any party vehicles for the weekend of the mini-reunion.

I was pretty impressed by the busses that the party business has. I thought they would be pretty basic, but they were pretty decked out like a club on wheels. They were pretty decked out like a club on wheels, even though I thought they would be pretty basic. I suddenly found myself wishing that I could have one full time to drive around on the weekends for the fun of it. They one I picked has a mirror ball on the ceiling that is automated and shoots reflective lights around. It has an LED wall in the back where videos and a variety of different graphics can be played to simulate a dance club. There’s even a big fridge on board to keep all your drinks nice and chilly.

I made a lot of plans for different stops around the city that I figured me and my friends should all go to. We were all very much into partying when we were together in the military. And most of us are executives now, which means we don’t have a lot of time to let loose. I have next to no time for that kind of thing. But I figured that I would make an exception for the weekend visit and have a blast!

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